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We, the congregation of carmelite religious are women consecrated to God under the patronage of the Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel motivated and inspired by the zeal of our charismatic foundress, Mother Mary Veronica of the passion. We carry on the apostolate of education and other work of mercy in many parts of the country and abroad.

Mother Veronica nee Sophie Leves was born of English Anglican parents on 1st October, 1823. In the happy, religious and cultured atmosphere, she received a liberal education. A highly accomplished woman of strong faith, fluent in Greek, French and German, she was a dedicated missionary and a committed educationist. Her search for truth led her on relentlessly. She joined the convent of St. joseph of the Apparition in 1851. Sister Veronica later opted for the Cloistered Carmel at pau in 1867.

It was on 16th July, 1868 that Mother Veronica founded the Apostolic Carmel in real poverty at Banyonne, France. Here she trained young sisters to work in India. A woman og great integrity she braved many hardships to fulfil her dreams. Her saintly life came to a close on 16 November, 1906.

The first batch of sisters arrived in 1870. It was from here that the Carmelites gradually spread to the Malabar Coast. In 1880, the Congregation took root at Holy Angles’, Convent, Trivandrum, from where it has spread its branches in india and abroad.

Following the footsteps of Our Lord Jesus Christ and our foundress Mother Veronica, We, the C.C.R.s Impart the fullness of life through our apostolate of education and social work. We reach out to all God’s children especially girls, women and the marginalized. We strive to produce intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired persons to act as leaven in the society and create a new world order of love brotherhood

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